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The home of zorbing with style... This site contains all the details you should need to get started!

Welcome to ZORB UK

What is Water Zorbing?

Water Zorbing or Water Walkers/ Aqua Zorbs are giant inflatable balls that you climb in, are filled with air and then you can run float jump around on water in the complete dry.

You probably have many questions? Will at work at my event? Do you do party's? Do I have to provide the water? Can you do it on my local swimming pool? And most importantly … How much does it cost?

To answer most of these download our information pack to the right, but most important drop us an email or call with any questions!

This disclaimer is displayed at every site and informs of the risks and challenges involved in zorbing. Its a PDF download


This PDF download contains all of our Health & Safety Info

Risk Assessments & Method Statements

Download our PDF with details and info about our mobile pool setup.

Info Pack - Inflatable Pool

Information Packs & Downloads

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